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Personal Development for Leaders and Managers to excel

Excerpt – Chapter 2. The new world of HR and management


For HR to be effective, personal development and growth must be central to an organisation’s strategy. A trusted and effective HR department of the future will promote and deliver:

  • Independent, employee-centric knowledge and communications;

  • One-on-one coaching;

  • Innovation groups and strengths-based teams;

  • Ei programs and expertise;

  • Diversity of decisions (avoiding group-think);

  • Choice;

  • Exemplary HR ethical and leadership practices.​​​​​​​

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF SELF-AWARENESS TO CHANGE ​​​​​​​ Employees typically first understand brain function and how change affects the individual through an introduction to personal development techniques. Personal development, mindfulness and accelerated learning techniques may help them realise the power of their mind, and their potential to maximise brain function and manage emotions. ​​​​​​​ By understanding this core capability and directing brain function, it’s possible to see how to leverage future career planning. Personal development can be applied to all situations, including growing self-awareness and success in relationships. By adopting strategic principles, including milestones and vision, the brain can be a powerful enabler of a desired purpose. Central to successful change management is the ability to cultivate a vision that is enlivening, compelling and meaningful for a qualitative lifestyle.

Encouraging employees to be reflective and allowing them to discuss their motivators, vulnerabilities and strengths will build their identity, self-confidence and awareness, and is essential to their personal development. Challenging ourselves to change, grow and adapt is the natural course of evolution, where the rewards are greater certainty, security and therefore wellbeing. HR and managers can promote supportive environments where colleagues can talk freely about their challenges and strengths. This will help to address their concerns and allow them to move on to greater things. Employees will be at various levels of emotional maturity and self-awareness, so it is important that HR oversees the employees and ensures they are led by Ei-qualified people who abide by ethical standards.

Personal development supports greater awareness on a journey into self-discovery and higher consciousness. Tune into your core, understand your purpose and develop techniques for long-lasting wellbeing. By taking the journey to self-discovery, focusing intrinsically, relegating your overthinking and anxieties, and respecting your intuition, you can be more present, heighten your awareness and centre your reasoning skills.

Take mindfulness or meditation classes if you find it difficult to relax and reflect. Consider personal development methods and books for social anxiety, self-doubt, procrastination, lack of motivation, unwanted habits, and so on that may be holding you back from growth. The best approaches or books contain structured activities to help you change behaviours.

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