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“Best Behaviour” October Update & Publicity

Updated: Oct 10, 2019


This month: October publicity highlights and additional details of our collaboration with Ken Zulumovski from GUIR.

I’m Tony Holmwood, a Cultural Change and Ei coach. This month we provide more insights to our collaboration with Ken Zulumovski Hon DHSc who is the curator of Gamarada Universal Indigenous Resources Pty Ltd (GUIR). In the publicity update following the launch of my book “Best Behaviour” is my article published in CEOWorld on how behavioural development will guide the future of business. Also, a very timely video from Kim Seeling Smith on the seismic changes happening in business. Finally, an invitation to interested contributors to review and provide feedback, or sponsor input to the Second Edition of my book timed for release in January 2020.

Click on the "Book a Strategy Session" below if you would like to know more about our cultural change and leadership programs.

The Dawning of the Age of Social Purpose and Ei

In this article in CEO World magazine, I paint a picture of how the future will unfold and how collaberative and open environments will transform the face of business. I also define social purpose and how shared environments empower the learning of soft skills opening minds to opportunity. Socially purposeful strategy will define the successful organisations of the future.

Enjoy this short video by Kim Seeling Smith CSP

"We are seeing seismic changes in how organizations are structured, as well as how managers need to manage." Please add to the conversation.

Working with GUIR to deliver Cultural Development Programs to Organisations

Outperf4m has joined with GUIR to bring you specialised behavioural based learning blended with influential cultural stories and methods.

We appreciate a workplace culture is the environment you create for your employees. It is the mix of your organisation's leadership, values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviours and attitudes that contribute to the emotional and relational environment of your workplace.

Our specialist programs are presented in a format to inspire engagement, healthy safe workplaces, positive relationships and learning.

The 3 main programs target various areas of your business to encourage participation, inclusion, acceptance of diverse perspectives, and positive forward focussed cultures.

The 3 essential areas our 1 day programs target are:

  1. Strengths-based teambuilding to encourage acceptance and participation so employees feel safe to contribute, build confidence and learn effective team decision making.

  2. Management development so managers are equipped with the tools to better facilitate, coach and empower team member participation.

  3. A behavioural based strategic planning day to bring leaders, managers and team members together to revisit values, discuss motivations, introduce behavioural styles, set a purposeful future vision to guide the development of the right behaviours in support of future growth.

As specialists in behavioural based training, change, workplace health and wellbeing, and cultural development, we work with your organisation to target specific programs to your needs.

Online media coverage to date:

Governance Institute (15 May) - Greater emotional intelligence is your key to superior team performance

HR Daily (17 May) - The five components of emotional intelligence mastery (Requires registration)

The HR Director (21 May) - How embodying trust builds big picture leadership capability

CEO World (22 May) - Why Allowing A Collaborative, Team-Based Culture Allows Your Organisation To Thrive

Australian Leadership – Q/A (4 Jun) - Tony Holmwood on Australian Leadership and Optimism

CEO World (19 Jun) - Why Appealing To Employee Motivations Builds An Empowered Workforce

Human Resources Director (25 Jun) - Learning to know yourself supports a powerful leadership cultural competence

CEO World (26 Jun) - Why Leaders With High Levels Of EI Understand When Employees Feel “Safe” They Develop Better Solutions

CEO World (27 Jun) - How The Right Environment And Leadership Approach Amplifies Employee Growth

International Institute of Directors and Managers (26 Jul) - Why Transformative Leadership Supercharges Profitability

Human Resources Director (30 Jul) - What's HR's role in business transformation?

CEO World (24 Sep) - The Dawning of the Age of Social Purpose & Ei

Watch out for articles in the following publications:

Managers & Leaders (Oct)

Q Super (Oct)the HR Director (Nov)

Leaderonomics (Oct)

Management NZ (Oct)

Listen in to the following radio interviews

Radio National – This Working Life (Sep)

Teams Guru – Podcast (Oct)RPP FM – Taking Care of Business (Oct)

Upcoming book reviews and online mentions:

the HR Director (Jan)

GRC Professional (Oct)

Look out for my editorial in the HR Director magazine on how HR will be positioned in the future - issue #181 due out on 15th November.

In appreciating the need to make "Best Behaviour" more accessible to a wider audience, I have started work on the Second Edition in collaberation with a team of thought leaders. If you would like to get involved in reviewing the draft or sponsoring content then please make your interest known via my contact details below. The publication is timed to coincide with a book review in an HR leadership publication in January 2020.

Thank you.

Tony Holmwood Cultural Change & Ei Coach - CEOWorld Opinion Columnist

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