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Outperf4m September Update

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This month: September publicity highlights and details of our collaboration with Ken Zulumovski from GUIR. 

I’m Tony Holmwood, a Cultural Change and Ei coach. This month we provide insights to our collaboration with Dr Ken Zulumovski Hon DHSc who is the curator of Gamarada Universal Indigneous Resources Pty Ltd (GUIR). Also find a publicity update following the launch of my book “Best Behaviour” including a book review by Rama Gaind in the Public Service News.

Click on the "Book a Strategy Session" below if you would like to know more about our cultural change and leadership cultural intelligence programs.

Equitable and symmetrical, the Balanced Behavioural Development Model, outlined in this book, provides a mathematical basis to behavioural learning.“This framework can be used by HR and managers to positively change people’s lives with targeted employee development, to rapidly transform a business’s culture and supercharge growth.”

Holmwood believes that emotional intelligence in leaders is a strong indicator of success because they enable a big-picture, future-directed cultural competence.

Working with GUIR to deliver Cultural Development Programs to Organisations

Dr Ken Zulumovski Hon DHSc is the founder of GUIR which provides professional consulting and specialist program development services. This includes psychology, coaching, mentoring, cultural intelligence training, safer workplaces, diversity and inclusion programs, communications, community engagement and more. Ken applies a COURAGE Coaching Model and has studied Dadirri – a traditional, Indigenous contemplative practice of 'deep listening and quiet stillness'. Outperf4m will work with GUIR to deliver workplace development programs including - Leadership Cultural Awareness, Emotional Intelligence for Managers, Strengths Based Team Building and a Behavioural Based Strategic Planning Day to promote positive cultures.

Online media coverage to date: Governance Institute (15 May) - Greater emotional intelligence is your key to superior team performance HR Daily (17 May) - The five components of emotional intelligence mastery (Requires registration) The HR Director (21 May) - How embodying trust builds big picture leadership capability CEO World (22 May) - Why Allowing A Collaborative, Team-Based Culture Allows Your Organisation To Thrive

Australian Leadership – Q/A (4 Jun) - Tony Holmwood on Australian Leadership and Optimism

CEO World (19 Jun) - Why Appealing To Employee Motivations Builds An Empowered Workforce Human Resources Director (25 Jun) - Learning to know yourself supports a powerful leadership cultural competence

CEO World (26 Jun) - Why Leaders With High Levels Of EI Understand When Employees Feel “Safe” They Develop Better Solutions CEO World (27 Jun) - How The Right Environment And Leadership Approach Amplifies Employee Growth International Institute of Directors and Managers (26 Jul) - Why Transformative Leadership Supercharges Profitability Human Resources Director (30 Jul) - What's HR's role in business transformation? Public Service News - "Best Behaviour" Book Review (5 Aug) - by Rama Gaind

Watch out for articles in the following publications:

Managers & Leaders (Sep)

Q Super (Sep) HRM Online (Sep) the HR Director (Nov)

Leaderonomics (Sep) Management NZ (Sep)

Listen in to the following radio interviews

Radio National – This Working Life (Sep) Synergen Leadership – Podcast (Nov) Teams Guru – Podcast (Oct) RPP FM – Taking Care of Business (Oct)

Upcoming book reviews and online mentions:

HRM (Sep)

GRC Professional (Sep)

If you are a subsciber to the HR Director Magazine, you may have read in the March Issue - #173, the excellent article "Lamplighters Voting for Electric" by Ben Bishop, Operations Director for XCD. Here Ben points out "Take it as read, in the world of the future, the HR of the past is no longer a fit. Let’s agree too, that, after decades being perceived as a backoffice function, HR faces strategic demands from leaders who finally grasp the inarguable link between workforce efficiency, engagement and business growth. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, 4IR, Industry 4.0, call it what you will, it’s not an if, it’s a now." Look out for my view on how HR will be positioned in the future in the November Issue - #181.

Thank you.

Tony Holmwood Cultural Change & Ei Coach - CEOWorld Opinion Columnist

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