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Motivations Express Our Why

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Excerpt – Chapter 9, “How to motivate change and growth”

Dr John Demartini is a respected human behavioural specialist who describes the underlying motivators of people as ‘voids’. Motivators or values are an attempt to fill what is missing or to solve what is unknown. Our motivations originate from whatever we perceive to be missing in our lives. Your perceived emptiness drives your search for fulfilment. Dr Demartini was a special needs student and therefore particularly values knowledge.


Motivations are the personal drivers or ‘the Why’ of what we do to pursue goals with energy and persistence. The more we know our likes and dislikes, the more we begin to understand our feelings towards other people and situations. We can then apply this awareness to manage relationships and to help achieve our goals. Motivators or our values are the things we are passionate about; they motivate our strengths that we perceive as important, or the associations that provide us with purpose and direction in life.

Our values or motivations can change over time as we grow and become familiar and comfortable with them. They are felt as our instincts or intuition and centred in the core of our body and indicate a pathway to growth. They also influence our happiness.

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