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How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

I write in my book "Best Behaviour" that motivations should form part of an employee review to bring understanding to our "why" or purpose. By understanding our motivations, we can begin to better understand our likes and dislikes, and what defines our strengths. Dr. John Demartini describes our motivations as voids or what might be missing in our lives. I go further to state that our motivations not only provide purpose, but also deliver greater security and well-being. There is a direct relationship with what we perceive to be missing and learning to be more secure in our environment. Bringing understanding to our motivations also builds self-awareness and fuels our passion and engagement.

Leaders and HR who harness and bring understanding to motivations at an individual level build a fantastic culture built on purpose. Leaders must also supplement this with inspiring strategy and visions providing pathways for employee growth.

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