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Gen Y - The fallout from protective parenting

Updated: May 3, 2019

Since when was it OK to raise children to be "butterflies". In the absence of important life skills and a strong identity, people are leaving university and cannot make a decision. Without having learnt every behaviour associated with our competitive, protective instincts to build a strong identity, so essential during childhood, they flip into their collaborative social brain without any structure to support it. Hence they are socially motivated (soft skills) but have no idea who they are.

Helicopter parenting stems from parents who are not strong characters, do not feel safe in their communities, and are overly protective of their children. Hence their children find it difficult to find their independence into adulthood. It will be the businesses who have to deal with the fallout. Strengths based, self supporting teams are the best way to learn decision making. Interacting in the community in technical, customer service or sales roles is how we strengthen our identity.

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