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Is your business in need of a performance health check?

Is your business in need of a performance health check? Outperf4m offers a unique approach to improving your business profitability by partnering your HR and management team to align your business for change, gain clarity of business goals and benefits, while undertaking a management reporting refresh to enable a culture of performance improvement and growth.

If you're looking to improve your business performance, contact me today to discuss a Capability Performance Review, a precursor to the business performance transformation program outlined below.

Outperf4m offers a 7 step approach to optimising HR and business performance improvement:

• Deceptively simple ways of adapting an organisation design framework to any medium sized business (and any industry) • A refreshed performance scorecard that become key performance enablers • Working alongside managers to align and motivate employees to optimise performance drivers • Considered process and systems alignment

By aligning work functions around their key strategic objectives, the business is better prepared for change and growth. Outperf4m draws on proven business methodologies to simplify business complexity to enable strategic success. A variation of the Balance Scorecard is employed for implementation with special attention provided to the people quadrant to ensure behaviours are targeted for change and growth.

I offer expertise in business transformation and strategic alignment through performance scorecard implementations, performance reporting, budgeting, forecast modelling, employing sales planning for growth, and applying business cases, process improvements and leveraging business systems to control costs, enhance sales efficiency and optimise business performance.

Experience business partnering ‘C’ Level Executive and Management level professionals and supporting non-financial divisions..

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